Compliance testing

Ensure That Your Operation Meets All the Relevant Safety Requirements
Allow our professional electrical contractors in Auckland to provide you with cutting-edge operational compliance testing services that test the performance of your machines and systems in your commercial or industrial environment.
7 Compliance Testing Steps

We look at your machine layout and create a checklist of what needs to be tested.

Through in-depth understanding of machinery, we’re able to identify potential risks.

Setting up efficient and timely testing methods so that all bases are covered.

After liaising with the business owner, we set up a convenient testing schedule.

Using innovative technologies, we test the performance of your machines and systems.

We set up and implement an issues management process to fix any issues we encounter.

Once remediations and upgrades have taken place, we validate them through a second test if necessary.

Rest Assured that You’re Compliant
No more sleepless nights and stress over potential operational issues. Know exactly where you stand and what can be improved upon with our operational compliance services.
What if my Machines Don’t Pass the Tests?

If we happen to find any faults and issues with our operational testing, we’ll be sure to inform you and discuss what steps can be taken to ensure your compliance. We’re able to offer you upgrades and retrofits to ensure that your machines’ performance is enhanced.

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