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The team at EMS Electrical Services is extremely passionate when it comes to topics such as automated equipment, robotic maintenance, control cabinet design and things of that nature. Our team stays on top of the very latest in technological development so that we can always bring our clients the very best.

In our blog, we shed light on some of the trending topics and emerging technologies in the world of automation and electrical services.

The Importance Of Machine Safety In A Factory Setting

Most modern factories have a wide variety of industrial machines operating on the factory floor. Unfortunately, many of these machines come with risks involved. Potential hazards include moving parts, sharp edges, excessive heat, presses, clamps, and so much more. It is very easy for accidents to occur, and some common accidents include cuts, puncture wounds, burns, and even broken limbs.

As a factory owner, it is your responsibility to assess the risks involved with your machinery and aim to reduce these risks as much as possible by adding warning signs, training your staff properly and investing in safety equipment.

What Are Some Types Of Safety Equipment That Can be Installed?

Installing machine safety equipment is one of the most effective ways to reduce risk. Some equipment that you can look into includes: Safety door and interlock switches
Emergency stop buttons
Foot switches
Non-contact switches . . . Continue Reading Here

Automated Equipment

Automation is no longer the future of commercial and industrial equipment. It is now very much the standard if you want a smooth and efficient operation without any human error.

Here at EMS Electrical Services, we are your automation experts in Auckland. By taking the time to understand your operational needs, we offer cutting-edge automated machine design that optimises your operation while keeping safety and quality at the forefront of the project.

Whether you are just starting out your operation or need certain machines to be properly automated, our team can help. We have immense knowledge and background in PLC and HMI programming and can program your input and output automations from scratch.

Our team can also provide safety compliance checks to ensure that all your automated equipment is up to scratch with the latest regulations and standards. We provide machine maintenance and can develop an . . . Continue Reading Here

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