safety Devices

A Comprehensive Range of Safety Devices for Commercial and Industrial Purposes
The safety of your operation should always be your top priority as a business owner. Investing in the right safety equipment avoids issues and accidents and ensures that you comply with the relevant local safety standards. Allow EMS Electrical Services in Auckland to handle the electrical installation of your safety devices.
9 Common safety devices

Guard your machine access points and prevent personal injury with safety light curtains.

Avoid hazards and align with safety standards by installing a safety controller.

This protective device is designed to achieve optimal safety in the case of emergencies.

Indicator lights are ideal for controlling access and foot traffic on your factory floor.

Continuous scanning by safety laser scanners picks up on any potential issues.

Prevent machine operation during potentially hazardous situations with interlock switches.

There are a variety of enabling devices that could optimise and safeguard your operation.

Tower lights can be seen from all over the factory floor and can indicate if there are any issues

Turn off machines in potentially hazardous situations with emergency stop and stop controls.

Safety Systems

We create seamless safety systems using the latest technology.

Safety Fencing

Safety fencing is another way to prevent any hazards or injuries from occurring. Many machines can be a danger to human life, so safety fencing reduces the risk of workers falling into these machines. Our team at EMS Electrical Services can also install your safety fencing for you.

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