We provide expert cable tray layout design and installation services, as well as control cabinet design services that meet the most stringent of safety standards, offering you superior functionality and a pleasing aesthetic. 


Our team of highly skilled and experienced electricians are all properly certified to carry out cable tray installations and design control cabinets. We ensure that all our electrical work is 100% compliant with relevant regulations because we believe that safety is paramount.

Cable Trays 

Cable trays are an essential part of any commercial or industrial workspace. They provide a safe and secure means of running all manner of electrical and other types of cables throughout your facility. 

By suspending cables from the ceiling, they are placed out of sight and out of harm’s way. Cable trays ensure that the cables are protected from being damaged by foot traffic or by heavy equipment or furniture. Their suspension also ensures that they are protected from any potential moisture on the ground in the case of spillages and leaks, which could potentially lead to short circuits, electrical shock or electrocution if a cable’s insulation is compromised.

Our team has the necessary expertise and knowledge to install high-quality cable trays throughout your operation so that your cabling is kept safe and secure.

Control Cabinet Design

Control cabinets are an essential aspect of power engineering. Well-designed, safe and functional control cabinets are a must-have for your industrial operation.

Our team has ample experience and the required skillset to design and install aesthetically pleasing control cabinets to safely house important electrical components and equipment. These housings provide safe access to the functionality of the electrical equipment while ensuring that the components are protected from exposure to dust, moisture and more.

Our expertly designed control cabinets can ensure that your personnel are protected from electrical shock by preventing their exposure to electrical componentry while also ensuring that the electrical equipment housed inside cannot be tampered with or accidentally damaged.

Contact us today to discuss your cable tray installation needs, as well as to find out about our control cabinet design services. Make your workplace safer and protect your equipment now!

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