About Us

EMS Electrical Services stands at the forefront of innovation, delivering comprehensive electrical solutions that transcend industries. our expertise extends seamlessly to residential, commercial, industrial, civil, and maritime sectors.

We stand out for our unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. As a smaller company, we take pride in our nimbleness, allowing us to be flexible with project timelines and adapt to unique client needs. We understand that every project comes with its distinct challenges and time constraints. Being a compact and agile team enables us to navigate these intricacies seamlessly, ensuring minimal disruption and optimal efficiency. Our commitment to going the extra mile is reflected in our personalised service, transparent communication, and a proactive approach that anticipates and meets client requirements. When you choose EMS, you not only gain access to cutting-edge solutions but also a partner who values your distinctive needs and strives to surpass expectations with a touch of personalised care.

With a commitment to cutting-edge technology, safety, and client satisfaction, EMS is your trusted partner in powering progress across diverse domains.

WHY CHOOSE US?When it comes to electrical services in Auckland, you may have a range of companies to choose from, so why choose EMS Electrical Services?

When you choose EMS Electrical Services, you’re not just selecting a service provider; you’re gaining a dedicated partner committed to powering your progress. Our focus on client satisfaction means you can expect tailored solutions designed to meet your specific needs. As a smaller company, our flexibility allows us to work closely with you, adapting to your unique timelines and requirements.

We take pride in being Master Electrician members, a testament to our commitment to excellence and the highest standards in the industry. This prestigious affiliation signifies our dedication to professionalism, quality, and continuous improvement. When you choose us, you gain the assurance that our team consists of registered electricians, ensuring that your projects are handled by qualified and certified professionals.

Furthermore, our commitment to the quality of our work is reflected in our $20,000 workmanship guarantee. This guarantee underscores our confidence in the expertise of our team and the reliability of our services. We prioritise not only meeting but exceeding industry standards, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your electrical projects are backed by a solid guarantee of quality.

Quality of WorkmanshipEvery job we take on receives the exact same level of precision and quality of workmanship. We have high standards and we stick by them.

SafetySafety is always our top priority when it comes to any job. We understand the risks involved with automated systems and we do everything to combat them.

Customer SatisfactionUnlike many bigger electrical companies, EMS Electrical Services truly cares about its customers, and we go above and beyond for their satisfaction.

ReliabilityIf we say we’re going to do something, then we will do it. We are prompt, reliable and always trustworthy.

GET IN TOUCHHave any questions for our automation and machine maintenance experts here at EMS Electrical Services? Get in touch with our team today!