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Comprehensive Design & Commissioning Services for Industrial & Commercial Operations in Auckland.
Our Design & Commissioning Services

Machine commissioning is a detailed process that ensures all components and systems are working as they should be. Operational requirements are looked at when it comes to installation, machine maintenance, operation and other factors. Commissioning is not just for new projects but for existing operations too.

Why Commissioning Matters

Traditional commissioning, re-commissioning, and retro-commissioning all require the cohesion and engagement of various personnel, including:

Commissioning Provider
(CX Agent)

Owner's Representative (PM)

Architect and Design

General Contractor

Sub-contractor (MC)


Specialty Sub-contractors Controls, TAB, Security, Elevator, etc.)

Operations & Maintenance

Equipment Suppliers

The Design and Commissioning Process

Design Phase:

Prepare checklists, fine-tune plans, and design based on machine specifications.

Construction Phase:

Start with component testing and verify the installation stage.

Acceptance Phase:

Perform functional testing and resolve any issues that are found.

Warranty Phase:

Seasonal testing, staff training and regular monitoring.

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