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Eden Park Stadium Suite

Bespoke Lighting at DHL Global Logistics’ Eden Park Suite

Eden Park, renowned for hosting iconic events, offers premium suites for business functions. DHL Global Logistics sought to enhance their suite with a modern and artistic lighting arrangement.

Client’s Goal:

DHL Global Logistics wanted a lighting solution that combined functionality with modern artistry, elevating the ambiance of their suite at Eden Park for meetings and events.

Planning and Execution:

Our team collaborated closely with DHL to plan the lighting arrangement, ensuring it complemented the suite’s layout. The installation phase was executed with precision, seamlessly integrating modern and artistic elements into the space.


The new lighting arrangement successfully enhanced the overall aesthetic of DHL Global Logistics’ suite, providing a unique atmosphere for their meetings and events.


This case study showcases our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet both functional and aesthetic requirements.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Safety Transformation at Thermo Fisher Scientific, East Tamaki*

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Thermo Fisher Scientific, based in East Tamaki, Auckland, is a prominent manufacturer of lab plasticware, sample storage, and management products. Concerns about machine and plant safety prompted a comprehensive safety evaluation, revealing outdated machinery and a lack of regular safety assessments. The subsequent incidents led to a thorough safety inspection.


The planning stage presented challenges as our team had to prioritise objectives based on critical safety ratings. Outdated machinery required a comprehensive review to address declining machine safety over time.


To minimise manufacturing interruptions, our team developed robust attack plans, focusing on effective timing and communication. The implementation phase comprised 45 sub-projects, each addressing multiple machines. This strategic approach ensured the systematic upgrade of critical safety features.


Educating staff on new safety features and changes posed challenges due to language barriers, rotating shifts, and contracted staff. Clear communication and targeted training sessions were key to overcoming these hurdles.

Machine Inspections and Modernization:

Comprehensive machine inspections were conducted, with each machine assigned its parts list, plan, and installation schedule. Modern safety technology was systematically installed across all machines, enhancing overall safety measures.

Progress Updates and Evaluation:

The implementation phase concluded with all 45 sub-projects successfully completed. Critical safety features were effectively implemented. Regular updates, communicated through boardroom meetings with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s top leaders, ensured transparency and alignment with project goals.

Post-Upgrade Inspection:

As part of the evaluation process, contracted safety inspectors conducted a thorough post-upgrade re-inspection of machine safety features. The assessment revealed that 100% of sub-projects were complete, highlighting the progress made and the effectiveness of the implemented safety measures.

Staff Education and Ongoing Communication:

Continued staff education remained a priority, ensuring everyone was informed about safety feature upgrades and potential changes in machine operations. Weekly updates and ongoing communication sessions maintained a collaborative approach between the project team and Thermo Fisher Scientific’s staff.


The safety enhancement project at Thermo Fisher Scientific, East Tamaki, demonstrates the successful integration of modern safety technology into a complex manufacturing environment. Through strategic planning, effective implementation, and ongoing communication, critical safety features were upgraded, providing a safer working environment. The collaboration between our team and Thermo Fisher Scientific underscores our commitment to addressing safety concerns in manufacturing settings.

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Dempsey Wood

Our recent collaboration with Dempsey Wood Civil involved a critical project where we were tasked with installing a power supply from a generator to multiple on-site temporary buildings. This intricate job required the installation of a submains cable to a breakout box that efficiently distributed power to the designated buildings. Collaborating closely with Dempsey Wood contractors, we planned and executed the project seamlessly.

Project Overview:

Dempsey Wood Civil required a reliable and efficient power supply solution for temporary buildings on their site. To meet this need, our team was engaged to install a power supply system originating from a generator. The solution included the installation of a submains cable that connected to a breakout box, strategically distributing power to the various on-site temporary buildings.

Collaboration with Dempsey Wood Contractors:

Effective collaboration was paramount for the success of the project. Our team worked closely with Dempsey Wood contractors, who played a crucial role in burying the submains cable. This collaborative approach ensured that the cable installation was seamlessly integrated into the overall site infrastructure without disrupting other ongoing activities.

Planning and Execution:

The project involved meticulous planning to determine the optimal route for the submains cable installation. Coordination with Dempsey Wood Civil contractors was essential to align our efforts with the overall site development plan. Our team executed the installation with precision, adhering to safety standards and minimising any potential impact on the site’s operations.


The successful installation of the power supply system provided Dempsey Wood Civil with a reliable and efficient source of electricity for their temporary buildings. The submains cable, buried with the assistance of Dempsey Wood contractors, ensured a streamlined and organised power distribution to the breakout box, contributing to the overall functionality of the on-site facilities.


Our collaboration with Dempsey Wood Civil on this power supply installation project showcased our commitment to effective planning, seamless execution, and collaborative problem-solving. The successful integration of the submains cable into the site infrastructure not only met the immediate needs of Dempsey Wood Civil but also highlighted our capability to adapt to specific project requirements.

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99 Bikes HD Process

In the heart of Takapuna, Auckland, 99 Bikes has been a go-to destination for cycling enthusiasts, offering a vast selection of men’s, women’s, and kids’ bikes from top-notch brands. The store moved from 81 Barrys Point Road to 57 Barrys Point Road, signaling a new chapter for 99 Bikes Takapuna.


The relocation presented an opportunity for a comprehensive upgrade to the store’s infrastructure. The existing commercial switchboard needed a revamp, and a complete electrical fitout was required to ensure a seamless shopping experience for customers.


Our team embarked on a project to enhance the electrical system and revitalise the commercial switchboard at 99 Bikes Takapuna. The goal was to create an environment that not only met the technical requirements but also aligned with the aesthetics and functionality expected in a modern bike retail space.


The upgrade involved meticulous planning and execution. The commercial switchboard was replaced with a state-of-the-art system, ensuring reliability and efficiency. The entire shop underwent a comprehensive electrical fitout, with a focus on optimising lighting, power distribution, and overall electrical infrastructure. The implementation process was carefully coordinated to minimize disruptions to the store’s operations.


The transformed 99 Bikes Takapuna now boasts an upgraded electrical system that aligns with the store’s dynamic and customer-centric ethos. The enhanced commercial switchboard ensures a reliable power supply, while the overall electrical fitout contributes to a welcoming and well-lit shopping environment. The successful completion of this project marks a milestone in the store’s commitment to providing an exceptional experience for cycling enthusiasts in Takapuna.

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Ports of Auckland

Urgent Repairs on Cargo Ship Norfolk at Ports of Auckland

As a leading maritime repair service provider, our team recently collaborated with the Ports of Auckland to address critical issues aboard the cargo ship Norfolk. The urgent repairs were centred on restoring the vessel’s seaworthiness promptly.

Induction and Invitation:

After a thorough induction process at the Ports of Auckland, our team received an official invitation to board the cargo ship Norfolk. This invitation demonstrated the trust placed in our expertise to tackle crucial repairs and ensure the vessel’s operational integrity.

Scope of Work:

The extensive scope of work encompassed repairs to several on-board generators, emergency lighting systems, and the repair of on-board switchboards. Additionally, our team was tasked with diagnosing issues with onboard extractor fans and motor control systems.


Our skilled technicians collaborated seamlessly with the ship’s crew to assess and address the identified issues. The repair work included the meticulous restoration of generators, emergency lighting systems, and switchboards. Advanced diagnostics were performed to pinpoint and resolve problems with extractor fans and motor control systems, ensuring comprehensive functionality.

Collaboration and Timely Completion:

Throughout the project, effective communication and coordination between our team and the Ports of Auckland facilitated a smooth workflow. Regular updates were provided, maintaining transparency and alignment with the project timeline. The repairs were executed swiftly, ensuring the cargo ship Norfolk was ready for sea within the specified timeframe.


The cargo ship Norfolk, previously grappling with issues in generators, emergency lighting, switchboards, and motor control systems, underwent successful repairs. The collaboration exemplifies our commitment to efficiency and expertise in addressing urgent maritime challenges. This project not only restored the vessel’s seaworthiness but also highlighted the effectiveness of collaborative problem-solving in the maritime industry.


Our partnership with the Ports of Auckland on the cargo ship Norfolk repair project underscores our dedication to safety, efficiency, and collaborative solutions. This case study serves as a testament to our capabilities in responding promptly to critical maritime challenges.

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HD Process

EMS Electrical Services: Empowering Wineries with Smart Pump Solutions

At EMS Electrical Services, we transcend the ordinary, and a standout project involves the creation of a set-and-forget Smart Batch Transfer Pump for the liquid handling industry. Specifically tailored for wineries and juice plants, this innovative solution was developed in collaboration with HD Process, a leading company based in NZ.

Project Highlights:

  • Smart Batch Transfer Pump:
    1. Our team, led by EMS Electrical Services, engineered a state-of-the-art Smart Batch Transfer Pump designed to enhance efficiency in wineries and juice plants.
    2. The pump operates on a set-and-forget principle, ensuring seamless liquid transfers without constant monitoring.
  • PLC and HMI Programming:
    1. I personally spearheaded the programming of the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for this smart pump.
    2. The HMI provides an intuitive interface for user-friendly operation, complementing the precise control facilitated by the PLC.
  • Control Cabinet Construction:
    1. Our expertise extends to the construction of the control cabinet, ensuring a robust and reliable housing for the intricate electronic components.
  • IFM Flow Sensor Integration:
    1. The project involved the integration of an IFM flow sensor, enhancing the pump’s capabilities for accurate liquid flow monitoring.
  • VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Setup:
    1. Our team configured and set up the Variable Frequency Drive, optimizing the pump’s performance and energy efficiency.
  • Wiring Expertise:
    1. Meticulous wiring, handled by EMS Electrical Services, ensures a seamless connection between components, guaranteeing the reliability of the entire system.

Collaboration with HD Process:

Working closely with HD Process, a renowned company in NZ, our collaborative effort aimed to revolutionise the liquid handling industry. This partnership showcases the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and industry-specific expertise.

Advantages for Wineries and Juice Plants

  • Efficiency Gains: The Smart Batch Transfer Pump optimises production efficiency, allowing wineries and juice plants to focus on crafting exceptional products.
  • Cost Savings: Minimising manual oversight and meticulous system setup reduce labour costs and enhance overall operational cost-effectiveness.

Connect with EMS Electrical Services

Explore the possibilities of innovative automation solutions with EMS Electrical Services. If you’re in the liquid handling industry and seek cutting-edge technology solutions, connect with us. Elevate your operations with our expertise in PLC programming, HMI design, control cabinet construction, and comprehensive system integration

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