Dempsey Wood

Our recent collaboration with Dempsey Wood Civil involved a critical project where we were tasked with installing a power supply from a generator to multiple on-site temporary buildings. This intricate job required the installation of a submains cable to a breakout box that efficiently distributed power to the designated buildings. Collaborating closely with Dempsey Wood contractors, we planned and executed the project seamlessly.

Project Overview:

Dempsey Wood Civil required a reliable and efficient power supply solution for temporary buildings on their site. To meet this need, our team was engaged to install a power supply system originating from a generator. The solution included the installation of a submains cable that connected to a breakout box, strategically distributing power to the various on-site temporary buildings.

Collaboration with Dempsey Wood Contractors:

Effective collaboration was paramount for the success of the project. Our team worked closely with Dempsey Wood contractors, who played a crucial role in burying the submains cable. This collaborative approach ensured that the cable installation was seamlessly integrated into the overall site infrastructure without disrupting other ongoing activities.

Planning and Execution:

The project involved meticulous planning to determine the optimal route for the submains cable installation. Coordination with Dempsey Wood Civil contractors was essential to align our efforts with the overall site development plan. Our team executed the installation with precision, adhering to safety standards and minimising any potential impact on the site’s operations.


The successful installation of the power supply system provided Dempsey Wood Civil with a reliable and efficient source of electricity for their temporary buildings. The submains cable, buried with the assistance of Dempsey Wood contractors, ensured a streamlined and organised power distribution to the breakout box, contributing to the overall functionality of the on-site facilities.


Our collaboration with Dempsey Wood Civil on this power supply installation project showcased our commitment to effective planning, seamless execution, and collaborative problem-solving. The successful integration of the submains cable into the site infrastructure not only met the immediate needs of Dempsey Wood Civil but also highlighted our capability to adapt to specific project requirements.